Martin Mach Slingshot speaker set

The Mach SlingShot Series has been developed for high performance touring and top-end installation applications. Its components cover new pioneering ground and incorporate several new materials and techniques, including a special horn flare design that is acoustically optimized to eliminate eddy currents and a new construction technique that minimizes mechanical resonance. The SlingShot has a very high SPL-to-frontal-area/SPL-to-weight ratio and is capable of delivering HI-FI like clarity at maximum output.


(2) Martin Mach MS1262 Mid-High Speakers: 2x 350W @ 4 Ohm
(2) Martin Mach MS15X2 Mid-Sub Speakers: 2x 800W @ 4 Ohm
(2) DE Acoustics A18S Sub Speakers: 2x 800W @ 4 Ohm
(2) QSC GX5 Amplifiers
(1) QSC GXD8 Amplifier
(1) QSC RMX4050HD Amplifier
(1) Martin Mach M20.06 Controller
(1) Speaker connection cable set
(1) Power supply
(1) 19" Amplifier rack on wheels